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                                                                                                             by Norman Spinrad                                                     The Death Spiral of the Publishing Death Spiral revisited I had no idea that I was going to write this until some of the people commenting on THE PUBLISHING DEATH SPIRAL put two ideas in my head: First, many people suggested I put my backlist books on ebook publishing sites.  I googled round and about and found that Amazon offers the best deal.  All Amazon requires you to give them is non-exclusive rights to sell your ebook in their proprietary format for Kindle.  So that much indeed is a no-brainer, since these are rights you can’t do anything with anywhere other than Amazon, and they tie up nothing else. Furthermore, you set your own sale price, and Amazon pays you 70% of the sale price if you allow them to adjust it as they might see fit, and 30% if you want to lock in your own price. So far, so