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THE TRANSFORMATION CRISIS--a book proposal for a major publisher

                                                                THE TRANSFORMATION CRISIS                                 by Norman Spinrad                                a book proposal                          This orginated as a proposal for a book which was way                          ahead of it’s time and never got written.  It became a free-standing                          essay in several languages, and several speeches, and then the                          speculative basis for several novels.  And now its                          time has come, and urgently so. Major publication is required.                          To read this is to know why, but the book will go deeply into                          the hows in all modes and all directions.                                                          We are living in the most critical period in human history,        indeed the most critical epoch in the evolution of life on E


                             A TALE OF THE THREE NORMAN SPINRADS                            “Now is the time for a futile gesture” --attributed to the IRA                         “Believe the foma that make you strong and brave and happy”--Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.                One of us is in  Paris France after four days at the Quais Du Polar festival in Lyon and surfing buoyantly at the crest of the wave. Another one of  us is shortly to return to New York City and dreading the inevitable letdown.  The third Norman Spinrad is writing this and attempting to cool his ire enough to try to make analytic sense of our maddeningly disjunctive existential situation.     The Norman Spinrad who lived in Paris for over a decade, who has written  something over 20 novels, more of which than not are currently in print in French, who was handed a lifetime achievement award by the current French prime minister when he was mayor of Nantes, who was tracked down to appear on the major talk show