ELECT YOUR PEOPLE'S POLICE                            by Norman Spinrad If something isn't done, and done fast, a civil war in the United States is just a shot or a Molotov Cocktail away. But how and by who?   If there is one American who could stand up before the protesters and be listened to it is surely the one and only former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Live before the largest crowd possible and of course well televised.  What should he say? He should speak the hard truth to the leaderless protesters that what they are doing is counterproductive to their own confusion of diverse and general causes which if even possible would take decades of legislation to accomplish. What is needed  immediately is a strong significant and reachable demand. Demand that the head of all police departments in the United States--cities, towns, states everywhere--be elected by the  people their police are mandated to protect and serve. Open elections with
DONALD TRUMP AGENT OF SATAN THE SONG AND VIDEO UPDATED BY JOE CADY Music   by Joe Cady and Norman Spinrad Lyrics and vocal by Norman Spinrad SEE AND HEAR IT ON YOUTUBE
                                   QUARANTINE                               by Norman Spinrad  If it wasn’t the best of times, at least it wasn’t the worst of times, or something like that, which is the opening line of a novel called A TALE OF TWO CITIES, and it seemed like this would be only a tale of one. Back in the day before the Quarantine, Manhattan island was the heart and soul and pocketbook of New York City, to the extent that New York could have been said to have all three, Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Broadway and 42nd Street, and all that jazz. When you saw a movie or a TV show or an ad featuring New York, the Big Apple was Manhattan, not anything in what some visiting Californian must have dubbed the “Outer Boroughs,” the moral equivalent of Anaheim or Eagle Rock as far as a Hollywood wise guy was concerned. Not that I was a Hollywood wise guy just because my sales office happened to be located on the seventh floor of one of those unglamorous glass towers at the


        THE 21ST CENTURY SHAMAN                          Alternate Medicines and the Scientific Method                     by  Norman Spinrad           Written   over a decade ago as a proposal for a book that never got written  but all too pertinent  to the era of the coronavirus                     There are many medical systems on this planet, some of them ancient, some of them new, more of them that not based on metaphorical systems. Only “Western” or “alliopathic” medicine is based on rigorous science.  But many of the traditional non-western systems cure some conditions cure some conditions but not others. Many of these cures work in practice, but not in theory. That is they do work, but not for the reasons the theory behind them contends, metaphoric shamanic systems that over centuries evolved them over trial and error, and some of these belief-based cures can do real harm.  With the ones that do work, the shamans know they work, but are mistaken as to how. So what i
VITAMIN C VERSES CORONAVIRUS Why I've not yet read this anywhere I don't know but that is why I'm duty-bound to do it myself: Vitamin C will be effective against the Coronavirus, personally, and collectively. Vitamin C promotes the body's creation of Interferon which is key to the strength of the immune system. Everyone should take at least 2000mg of Vitamin C, 1000 in the morning, 1000 in the evening, some say another 1000 mid-day. This is not curative, this is cautionary, keeping your immune system running at maximum. If you start to suspect that you may be feeling early symptoms take 1000 mg of Vitamin C an hour until your urine turns bright yellow, which means that your Vitamin C is at maximum and you are pissing away the rest. This will not always stop the infection but it frequently will. I am not making this up, it was discovered and elucidated by Linus Pauling, a Nobel class biochemist. Decades ago, I suffered chronic urinary infection like many men. When I