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            HAPPY  2020  NEW YEAR from Dona &Norman                     What doesn't kill you makes love stronger Norman Spinrad dances with Dona Sadock at his 70th Birthday party         Ten years ago it was probable that I wouldn't live to make it to this party. But reports of my imminent demise proved to be exaggerated.        "Don't look back, something may gaining on you."                      ---Satchel Paige                                        
Norman Spinrad 1 rue de la Bucherie 75005 Paris France                                          GENERAL STRIKE                                           by Norman Spinrad This  Pearson Thanksgiving family gathering was  the best of times and the worst of times as far as General Albert Pearson was concerned, and how could it not be? He was the first person to achieve any  rank past captain for longer than the clan could remember in a family whose military tradition went back three, or arguaby four, generations of mostly sergeants and assorted grunts.   The best of times because Albert had a promotion up to Lieutenant General to announce, but the worst of times because the third star went with an assignment as Eastern Central Asia Theater Commander. Time was that a fourth star went with the ECAT Command, AKA the Forever War, AKA the Meatgrinder.  But decades of this backwater theater composed of  fragmented local miniwars that would never end, had turn